About Us

A bit about the Ottawa Titans

The Titans Water Polo Association has been incorporated as a not-for-profit sports organization since 1984 and is a member in good standing of Ontario Water Polo and Water Polo Canada.
The Titans are committed to the advancement of individual and team water polo skills in an environment conducive to the development of self confidence,leadership, fitness, friendship, teamwork and sportsmanship.
Our youth are our most important asset and are encouraged in a positive,rewarding environment to maximize their potential.
The Titans offer a comprehensive array of programs that cater to every water polo player, from entry level recreational players to players with aspirations of being selected on Canada's Senior National team.

Why choose to join the Titans?

We have been a leader in the local Water Polo community since 1984 and have a strong working relationship with Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and the Gatineau Water Polo Club, and have been a long time supporter of the Ottawa Girls
High School League. We embrace the philosophy of the Long Term Athlete Development model adopted by Water Polo Canada. Our coaching staff has an unmatched combined coaching experience of over 100 years including international competition. Our recreational programs are the largest in Ottawa and cater to players of all ages. In the past 5 years, we have consistently ranked as one of the top 4 water polo clubs in the country. Our competitive teams have won over 20 Provincial Championships as well as 5 Canadian National ChampionshipsOur competitive training program is integrated with National training programs and leagues. More than 20 of our players have been selected to National teams and training programs! A number of our players have also been offered water polo scholarships from US Universities. Each year, several Titans athletes have received grants from the Ontario Athlete Assistance Program. Our competitive training curriculum includes a wellness program. Our coaches promote a holistic approach, incorporating yoga, nutrition, dry-land and mental training in their training activities.

Who can play Water Polo?

E V E R Y O N E ! ! !

Water polo can be enjoyed at the recreational level and at the competitive level by both male and female players.
The Titans offer a vast array of well-established, proven programs that meet the needs of water polo enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels from beginners to elite athletes.


All our Recreational Programs are co-ed!
Our goal is to introduce the basic skills, tactics and rules of Water Polo in a fun, non-intimidating environment.
No prior water polo experience is required but, except for the Water Fun program, participants must be comfortable swimming in deep water.
New participants are welcome throughout the season!

Water Fun
Targeted at kids ages 5 – 8 who are not yet strong enough swimmers to join the I Love Water Polo program.  
Water safety and swimming strokes are taught in a fun, informal setting and each session will include about 30 minutes of free play with the ball to develop some basic water polo skills.  
One 60-minute session per week.

I Love Water Polo
Entry-level program is targeted at kids ages 7 – 13.
We use simplified game rules and place an emphasis on participation and fun.
Two 90-minute practices per week.

House League
Targeted at kids ages 13 - 18.  
One 90-minute weekly practice + one 2-hour League Game per week.

Adult Learn to Play
Targeted at individuals ages 18+.  
One 90-minute practice per week where the first 45 minutes are spent on structured drills and the last 45 minutes are spent engaging in a friendly scrimmage.

Adult Semi-Competitive
Targeted at individuals ages 18+ who enjoy playing water polo in a more intense environment.
Prior water polo experience is strongly recommended.
Some players will be offered a position on the adult team in the Titans National Capital Water Polo League (NCWPL).
One weekly 105-minute session where players are divided into two equal-strength teams and scrimmage all night.  

Active 55+
Targeted at individuals ages 55+.  
One 90-minute practice per week where the first 45 minutes are spent on structured drills and the last 45 minutes are spent engaging in a friendly, slower-paced scrimmage.


Competitive players will have the opportunity to participate in games against other Ontario and out-of-province teams, as well as the Titans National Capital Water Polo League (NCWPL).

This coed program introduces children ages 11 - 14 to competitive water polo. Emphasis is placed on the development of fundamental water polo skills, tactics and fitness required to succeed in competitive water polo.  An evaluation of the player’s current abilities and overall potential will first be performed by the team Coach to ensure that the player is ready to participate in the Academy.
Two to four weekly practices.

16U and 18U Competitive Water Polo              
At this level, boys and girls compete separately. In this program, an athlete's skill level, size and strength are as important factors as age in the determination of which team the athlete will be invited to join. The objective of this program is to provide year-round, high intensity, individual and position-specific training.
Five weekly practices / scrimmages.