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Important notes

  • No-risk refund policy – athletes can withdraw from a program at any time. Their refund will be pro-rated based on their withdrawal date.  Note that up to 10% of the pro-rated refund may be retained in order to cover the club’s fixed costs.
  • New members – fees will be pro-rated based on your registration date.
  • Family discount – 4.4% discount applied to the Titans Fees for every family member. Our previous policy could not be implemented in the new registration system, but this new way of determining the family discount is financially equivalent.

Please, read the RAMP User Guide document before accessing our Registration System. This document contains very important information, like how to apply for your Family Discount. The first few steps are applicable to all. The following sections are registration steps specific to different roles we all have within our club. See those that are applicable to your capacity:


Ottawa Titans 2022-23 Program Fees

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