Water Fun – COED program developed by the Titans in 2013, targeted at ages 4 to 8 who are not yet strong enough swimmers to join the ILWP or Swim and Play programs. This year, under the leadership of our Swimming Technical Director Antonio Mendonca, we are updating the program structure. The Water Fun program will be divided into two levels, with each practice of 45-minutes duration.  Note that both levels may be combined at some pools.  Each practice will include work on aquatic skills as well as free play to develop some basic water polo related skills. Program runs from September to May.  New players are welcome throughout the year.

Water Fun Level I (4 to 6 years old) - We strongly recommend that a parent participate in the classes and be within arm's reach of their child.  This is not only for safety reasons but also, as a first-time introduction to the aquatic environment for some children, the parent's presence helps provide a more comforting experience in the water.  In this program, participants will learn basic water skills, providing a jump-start to the aquatic environment which will form a strong basis for the development of more advanced swimming skills.  Game play will be used to build their confidence in the water.

Water Fun Level II (6 to 8 years old) - At this level, participants will develop basic swimming skills.  Building on the skills acquired in Water Fun 1, this is where the children will first experience the sport of water polo in a fun environment.  Minimum requirement: the child must be comfortable in the shallow-end without a parent and without a flotation device.

Water Fun Level I:
Richcraft pool Mondays, 5:30pm to 6:15pm, season starts on TBD, ~30 practices
Richcraft pool  Fridays, 6pm to 6:45pm, season starts on TBD, ~30 practices
Pinecrest pool Saturdays, 6pm to 6:45pm, season starts on TBD, ~30 practices
Francois Dupuis pool Sundays, 6pm to 6:45pm,  season starts on TBD, ~24 practices

Water Fun Level II:
Richcraft pool 
 Mondays, 6:15pm to 7pm, season starts on TBD, ~30 practices
Richcraft pool 
 Fridays, 6pm to 6:45pm, season starts on TBD, ~30 practices
Pinecrest pool 
 Saturdays, 6:45pm to 7:30pm, season starts on TBD, ~30 practices
Francois Dupuis pool 
 Sundays, 6:45pm to 7:30pm,  season starts on TBD, ~24 practices

    (30 sessions) - $315
(24 sessions) - $260

What is included: We provide all the water polo equipment (e.g. balls, caps, nets)

For a free trial or to get more info about this program, contact us at: info@titanswaterpolo.ca