Swim and Play This COED program brings two incredible sports together!  It gives girls and boys, ages 7 to 11 a chance to experience swimming and water polo!  The Swim and Play program is divided into two levels.  S&P A has 45-minute practices while S&P B has 90-minute practices.  Each practice will include a mix of swimming skills and water polo skills.  Note that until COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, water polo scrimmages will be replaced by fun water polo related games.  The program will focus on several essential skills such as water safety, swim strokes, diving, strength and endurance, ball handling and basic tactical skills.  This program provides our athletes the required strength, technique and confidence required for the next level program, I Love Water Polo.      

Why not help your child develop an aquatic life beyond simple swimming lessons!  Who knows, maybe they will love pushing themselves to get stronger and faster, and love working as part of a team in the demanding, fast-paced game of water polo.  No matter what their preference, your child will come out of this program a much stronger swimmer.  The program runs from September to May.  New participants are welcome throughout the year.  

Minimum requirements (Level A):
Must be able to swim unassisted
Swim 12.5m (1/2 pool length) front crawl and backstroke (no breath control required)
Swim 12.5m (1/2 pool length) flutter kick with a board (with breath control)
Swim 12.5m (1/2 pool length) back flutter kick with or without a board

Minimum requirements (Level B):
Must be able to swim unassisted
Swim 25m (full pool length) front crawl with breath control
Swim 25m (full pool length) backstroke
Basic knowledge of breaststroke
Basic knowledge of eggbeater

Options for S&P A:
Richcraft pool 
Mondays, 5:30pm to 6:15pm, or 6:15pm to 7pm, season starts on September 14, ~30 practices

Options for S&P B:
Pinecrest pool Saturdays, 6pm to 7:30pm, season starts on September 19, ~30 practices

Nepean Sportsplex pool - Sundays, 6pm to 7:30pm, season starts on December 13, ~20 practices (cost will be pro-rated accordingly)

   (S&P A) - $300 
   (S&P B) - $590 

What is included: We provide all the water polo equipment (e.g. balls, caps, nets)

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To get more info about this program, contact us at: info@titanswaterpolo.ca