Titans Cup 2020


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Titans Cup 2020 is just around the corner! 

Every year, Titans families make this tournament an amazing experience for kids, either by helping with the games or assisting in reffing or coaching. This is our 22nd annual sports gathering, the club signature event. The three-day water polo competition will happen from Friday to Sunday (February 21-23, 2020). 
Several games will be played on two Thursdays prior to the tournament (February 13 and February 20).

This tournament promises to be as exciting and big as few recent ones. We expect a huge number of participants competing in several tournament venues:

  • U10 - 6 teams
  • U12 - 5 teams
  • U14 - 12 teams
  • U18Girls - 4 teams

More than 300 athletes (27 teams in total) will clash for 4 sets of medals. The event participants are members of 8 different clubs coming from Ontario and Quebec. Our dear guests from a few recent Titans Cup events, St. John (New Brunswick) water polo club athletes, will be absent and greatly missed this year.

So much happens to make big tournaments like ours a success, and that is because of you, our Titans families. The army of volunteers will work hard and support athletes, their coaches (35-40), and event referees (15-20).

We will need your help throughout the tournament to make it as successful as in previous years. Please see below the major volunteer roles we need help with.  We will be sharing more details closer to the tournament, so please stay tuned!

Titans Cup Volunteering positions:

  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Merchandise Table Coordinator
  • Wheel-Of-Fortune Coordinator
  • Titans Cup pre-ordered t-shirts Coordinator

Looking forward to seeing you all at the tournament, and making this another successful year.

Brigitte Delorme, Titans Cup 2020 Director