News Archive 2019

  • June 5th - Titans Response to Capital Wave Coach Celso Rojas Being Charged with Sexual Assault

In the Spring of 2012, the Titans Board of Directors suspended then head-coach Celso Rojas for alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct. None of the alleged breaches had to do with matters related to potential sexual harassment or sexual assaults.
An investigation was conducted by Ontario Water Polo, our provincial sports organization. A formal hearing was then held and Celso Rojas was found by the disciplinary committee to have committed a number of breaches of the Code of Conduct and, as a result, was suspended from all coaching duties until the start of the following season (September 2012).
The Titans Board of Directors decided not to renew Celso Rojas' contract in September 2012. The last time Celso Rojas coached for the Titans was in early Spring of 2012.

  • Jan 10th, 2019 - NCL action is coming to the Capital Region!ncl.jpegncl.jpeg

The National Championship League will be featuring U16 Boys and Girls games in Gatineau from January 11-13th, 2019. This is a great opportunity to see your fellow Titans in action and show your support for your club!

U16 Ottawa Titans Boys:

  • vs Mavericks, Friday 14:45
  • vs Mavericks DS, Friday 21:00
  • vs Southwest, Saturday 14:45
  • vs Toronto Jets, Saturday 21:00
  • vs Montreal Machine, Sunday 18:00

U16 Ottawa Titans Girls

  • vs Southwest, Friday 16:00
  • vs Mavericks, Saturday 8:30
  • vs Tiburon, Sunday 19:20

All games will take place at the Centre Sportif in Gatineau