The Titans will be providing regular information on nutrition and healthy eating. The first place to start is Canada's Food Guide. Follow the link to find out more about the new Food Guide, including nutrition needs for various age groups, tracking progress, making healthy choices, etc.

Dietitians of Canada - Eat Well Live Well

Nutrition for the Athlete, published by the International Olympic Committee. This comprehensive booklet contains an amazing amount of info regarding nutrition and athletic performance. A practical guide to eating for health and performance.

Sport Nutrition for Parents How should you feed your young athlete?

Peak Performance - specialists in nutrition and exercise.
Beth Mansfield's local company, Peak Performance, specializes in nutrition- related health and performance. Beth is a well-known educator in the field and was a guest speaker at our 2007 Titans Summer Camp.

Health Canada, Food and Nutrition.

Use of Supplements

  • Evaluating dietary supplements (Coaches Association of Canada)
  • How safe are dietary supplements? (Coaches Association of Canada)
  • Position statement on nutritional supplements (Sport Nutrition Advisory Committee of the Coaching Association of Canada, Sept 06)
  • ‘Protein Supplements Useless for Building Muscles’, a November 2008 article from The Ottawa Citizen.
  • “Weak Case for Extra Protein”, an article from the Edmonton Journal November 2008
  • An interesting article from Department of National Defense (Canada), a fact sheet on the use of protein powder.
  • An article from Beth Mansfield’s company Peak Performance on use of protein (and carbs) in sport recovery. Beth is the expert the Titans hired for Summer Camp in 2007 to present on athlete nutrition. She is the dietician for many of our national sports teams and is very well respected in the field.
  • Protein Myths, also from Beth Mansfield.
  • An article from Niagara Region Public Health on ‘Building Muscle’
  • An article from McGill University student health services. Scroll down and check out the part on use of protein supplements.