2010 Awards

Titans Annual Awards and Recognition Banquet, June 9, 2010

This year`s Titans Banquet was another outstanding success, and followed in the long tradition of glitz and glamour that Deanna Barry and Clem Pelot, two outstanding members of our community, have gotten us all used to over the years.  With only a few weeks to get it organized, our maestros orchestrated the evening with “mains de maîtres” so that we could all celebrate together the achievements of our athletes and of our volunteers, without whom this Club would not perform to this level of excellence. Félicitations à tous nos récipiendaires, et surtout un gros merci à notre armée de volontaires qui sont toujours au rendez-vous, beau temps, mauvais temps!  The Titans Club would also like to thank the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel for allowing us to host this wonderful evening.  Your generosity and your ongoing support have not gone unnoticed.  For those graduating from our Competitive Program, we wish you all the best in your new endeavors, and don’t hesitate to “drop by” when you can and send us updates to share through e-news, to tell us about your new experiences and achievements.  For those coming back in September, the Club will have new and exciting programs to offer, and your ongoing commitment will allow us to rank among the best in the nation.

Thank you to Jo Paterson for being our official photographer, and sharing her photos. Here is a link to a photo album from the banquet http://www.flickr.com/photos/50982658@N02/, along with some photos included in-line below in this e-news edition.

Heather Kaulbach Award - JP Caron

Titans Award of Merit - Given to one person each year for special contribution to the sport within the city

Nancy Snihur ILWP Award - Titans ILWP Volunteer Award - David Allin

'I Love Water Polo' and Recreational House League SPIRIT AWARDS

Brewer- Bogdan

Walter Baker- Emma

BMRC- Ehsan

Pinecrest- Nikola

Rec House League- Dylan

Sherman Nelson Award - Volunteer of the Year
– Charline Giroux

Dave Hart Award - Titans Coach of the Year Award - Adrian Steenkamer

Titans Female Athlete of the Year - Rebekka

Titans Male Athlete of the Year – Lyle

Zoltan Csepregi and Rachel Baxter Award - Titans Offensive Players of the Year

Group 1 Boys- Rodrigo

Group A- Maxim

18U Girls- Danielle

16U Girls- Tara

Academy Boys- Mathieu

Academy Girls- Jessica

Gabor Csepregi and Kasia Hart Award - Titans Defensive Players of the Year

Group 1 Boys- Alec

Group A Boys- Jacob

Gabor Csepregi and Kasia Hart Award - Titans Defensive Players of the Year

Academy Boys- Yorek

Gabor Csepregi and Kasia Hart Award - Titans Defensive Players of the Year

Academy Girls- Katie

Gabor Csepregi and Kasia Hart Award - Titans Defensive Players of the Year

16U Girls- Natalie

18U Girls – Christine (no photo available)

Todd Bealor and Rachel Riddell Award - Most Valuable Goalies

Female- Nathalie

Male- Ben

Bela Szeri and Alison Davis Award - Titans Team of the Year - Men’s 18U Team

Team Members: Ben, Charles, Corbin, Anthony, Rodrigo, Lars, Dusan, Alec, Owen, Lyle, Andrew, Christian

Coach: Jerry Tesanovic,  Assistant Coach: Scott Caswell,  Team Manager: Christine Taschereau

Marianne Illing Award - Titans Academy Team Spirit

Academy Girls- Rachel

Academy Boys- Euan

Bell TrueSport Award - Titans Sportsmanship Award

16&U Girls- Chantal

18&U Girls- Patricia  / Maria

Bell TrueSport Award - Titans Sportsmanship Award

Group 1 Boys- Charles

Group A Boys- Simon

Sarah Green Award - Jillian (middle)

NCWPL Winners - Titans Hammerhead Sharks

Team members: Boris  (captain),Kevin, Aleksander, Duncan, Jeran, Simon, David, Aidan, Maxim, Benson, Alexei

Coach: Nick Davies

18U program graduates with coaches Celso and Jerry

Charles #1, Corbin #2, Lyle #10, Anthony #5,  Ian #1, Jeran #7, Patrick #10

Nathalie #1, Patricia #3, Audrey #2, Maria #9, Christine #7

Titans International Water Polo Festival

David Hart- Chair

Ian Cumming - Competition Director

Boris Hristov - Equipment/minor officials

Paul Hébert - Equipment/minor officials

Andrea Kennedy - Billeting

Lyne Jutras - Billeting

Sue Sidebottom - website/results

Greg Sidebottom- website/ results

Rennie Marcoux - Media

J.P. Caron - Sponsorships

Christine Taschereau - Hospitality room

Deanna Barry- awards and awards ceremonies

Clem Pelot - awards and awards ceremonies

NCWPL Coordinator- Joanne Paterson

Webmaster- Greg Sidebottom

Merchandise Coordinator- Christine Taschereau

E-News- Sue Sidebottom

Team Managers:

Group 1 Boys- Christine Taschereau

Group A Boys- Joan Schwarzfeld

16&U Boys- Andrea Kennedy

18&U Girls- Sue Sidebottom

16&U Girls- Charline Giroux

Academy Brewer- David Allin

Academy Walter Baker- Anne Marie Larue-Wilson

Academy Pinecrest- Luba Vucetic

Academy Orleans- Paul Fritz-Nemeth & Aniko Keller

Many thanks to Clem for emceeing and to Deanna for organizing!