2009 Awards

Ottawa Titans 2008-2009 Awards Presented at the Annual Awards Banquet June 4, 2009 Hilton Garden Inn

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Nancy Snihur ILWP Award - Titans ILWP Volunteer Award

Aniko Keller & Paul Fritz-Nemeth

'I Love Water Polo' and Recreational House League SPIRIT AWARDS A Spirit Award, given to one athlete from each of the 'I Love Water Polo' and Rec House League teams.

Brewer- Connor Rumbold

Walter Baker- Michael Caughey

BMRC- Matthew Scarlett

Pinecrest- Taylor MacLeod

Rec House League- Kyle Marriott

Heather Kaulbach Award - Titans Award of Merit - Given to one person each year for special contribution to the sport within the city.

Pierre Tremblay

Sherman Nelson Award - Volunteer of the Year – Awarded annually to one person.

Greg Sidebottom

Dave Hart Award - Titans Coach of the Year Award- Awarded to the Titans coach who best represents Coach Hart’s commitment to fair play, water polo and athlete development in the year in which it is given. No coach may receive it three consecutive years. Donated by Hurd and Penny Stein.

Blake Christie

Bill Meyer Award - Titans Male Athlete of the Year - Given to one male athlete.

John Conway

Waneek Horn Miller Award - Titans Female Athlete of the Year - Given to one female athlete.

Stéphanie Le Saux- Farmer

Zoltan Csepregi and Rachel Baxter Award - Titans Offensive Players of the Year - Given to one athlete from each of the competitive teams.

GW Sharks- John Conway

Manta Rays- Boris Misljencevic

Tiger Sharks- Maxim Hébert

Academy Boys- Aleksander Krsmanovic

Piranhas- Rebekka Steenkamer

Swordfish- Danielle Hirsh

Marlins- Alexa Zarins

Stingrays- Monique Sidebottom

Academy Girls- Tessa Johnston-Iafelice

Gabor Csepregi and Kasia Hart Award - Titans Defensive Players of the Year - Given to one athlete from each of the competitive teams.

GW Sharks- Lyle Brooks

Manta Rays- Alex Ricketts

Tiger Sharks- Jacob Millar

Academy Boys- Dusan Boskovic

Piranhas- Stéphanie Le Saux- Farmer

Swordfish- Veronica Rojas

Marlins- Sarah Branson

Stingrays- Demi Tremblay

Academy Girls- Stephanie Steenkamer

Todd Bealor and Rachel Riddell Award - Most Valuable Goalies - Awarded to 1 male and 1 female.

Female- Evie Marshall

Male- Ben Bouwer


Bela Szeri and Alison Davis Award - Titans Team of the Year - Given to one of the Competitive Teams.

Men’s 16U White Sharks

Ben Bouwer

Dusan Boskovic

Aleksandar Krsmanovic

Rodrigo Rojas

Boris Frlic

Dusan Radojcic

Alec Taschereau

Owen Kennedy

Ogi Gutovic

Coach: Jerry Tesanovic

Coach: Nick Forster

Team Manager: Christine Taschereau


Marianne Illing Award - Titans Academy Team Spirit – Given to one player from each of the Academy Teams.

Academy Girls- Roxanne LaRoche- Boisvert

Academy Boys- Boris Frlic

Bell TrueSport Award - Titans Sportsmanship Award - Given to one athlete from each of the competitive teams.

GW Sharks- Owen Kennedy

Manta Rays- Patrick Cauthers

Tiger Sharks- Andrew DiPerna

Academy Boys- Nick Davies

Piranhas- Gillian Massel

Swordfish- Audrey Caron

Marlins- Nancy Palanuk

Stingrays- Johanna Pinto Lee

Academy Girls- Megan MacCormac

Sarah Green Award - A memoriam award presented to a first-year female competitive player who is making a determined effort to meet the sudden demands and challenges that this level of commitment places on a new player. Someone who works at improving, who can smile and laugh while adapting to the demands of the sport.

Tandis Cumming

CERTIFICATES: Graduating Athlete Awards - Awarded to Titans players ‘graduating’ from the 18U program.

Anne Chinneck, #12

Emily Hodgson, #7

Stéphanie Le Saux- Farmer, #13

Gillian Massel, #7

Rachel Stein, #1

Evie Massel, #1

John Conway, #10

Boris Misljencevic, #5

Frédéric Proulx, #14

Alexander Ricketts, #13

Luke Shaw, #12

Luke Spooner, #8

Stéphane Walter, #4

Other Certificates - Team Managers:

Piranhas- Penny Stein

Swordfish- Valerie Walker

Marlins- Harry Zarins

Stingrays- Sue Sidebottom

Great White Sharks- Christine Taschereau

Manta Rays- Denise Walter

Tiger Sharks- Vicki Plant

Academy Brewer- Milenko Krsmanovic

Academy Walter Baker- Natasha Tchentsova

Academy Pinecrest- Jovan Krstic

Academy Orleans- Paul Fritz-Nemeth and Aniko Keller

Merchandise Coordinator- Christine Taschereau

Titans Cup Tournament Chair- Colin Kelly

Titans Invitational Tournament Chair- Beverly Davis

22U Nationals Tournament Chair- Carolyn McGill and Yew Lee

Webmasters- John Chinneck, Greg Sidebottom, Rob Long

Loblaws Coordinator- Evelyn LaRoche

NCWPL Coordinator- Joanne Paterson