COVID-19 Info & Procedures

SPECIAL COVID-19 INFO AND PROCEDURES (updated June 24, 2022)

The Titans will fully comply with all applicable provincial, city, facility and governing sports body policies and procedures. This page contains detailed information and procedures which MUST BE READ AND FOLLOWED BY ALL TITANS ATHLETES, COACHES AND PARENTS. Please visit this page frequently as COVID-related measures change frequently.

All Free Trials must be pre-arranged:

  • Individuals wanting to try a water polo practice at no cost MUST submit a Request for a Free Trial ahead of time using this link: Titans Online Free Try-Out Request (
  • The purpose of the above form is to (1) collect information required in case COVID contact tracing is required, (2) ensure the mandatory Water Polo Canada Consent form has been signed, (3) help us determine what options would be best for the individual, and (4) share important COVID safety measures with the individual ahead of their scheduled free trial. 
  • Individuals requesting a free trial will be contacted to determine which specific practice they would like to try.

Mask Requirements:

  • City facilities, including pools, no longer require that masks be worn. The continued wearing of masks is a personal choice that everyone MUST RESPECT.
  • Both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University continue to require that a mask be worn.

Rules, Rules, Rules:

  • Below are general rules that apply across the board.  See the next section for pool-specific rules.
  • Show up only 10 minutes before your practice start time.
  • Spectators are now permitted provided that they abide by the facility’s COVID rules, including wearing a mask where applicable (e.g. university pools).
  • For a first-time free trial, one parent may accompany their child on deck until the child has been introduced to the coach, after which the parent must immediately leave the pool deck. Parents accompanying their children are considered a spectator and must comply with all the requirements that apply to spectators.
  • At the Carleton University pool, coaches must wear a mask at all times.
  • Everyone must wash their hands at one of the hands sanitizing stations when entering and leaving the facility.
  • Bring your own filled water bottle (water fountains are not accessible).
  • Participants must not share or lend any of their personal items.
  • Our coaches will only look after athletes during the actual practice, so Water Fun parents MUST pick up their young children from the pool deck after their practice and accompany them to the change room to help them change into dry clothes quickly.
  • Parents of younger athletes (older than Water Fun) are encouraged to meet their children in the change room after their practice to help them change into dry clothes quickly.
  • Any Titans staff, including our lifeguards, have the authority to deny access to a participant if they believe a participant represents an unusual COVID-19 risk to the other participants (e.g. exhibiting a COVID-19 symptom, lack of attention to the COVID safety rules, etc.). Athletes who are denied access must remain seated in a safe location visible by the coaches, mask on, until they are picked up from the facility.

Pool-specific Rules:

  • University of Ottawa pool
    • Athletes can take their masks off when they are ready to get in the water.

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