Water Fun – COED program developed by the Titans in 2013, targeted at ages 5 to 9 who are not yet strong enough swimmers to join the ILWP or Swim and Play programs. Each 60-minute session focuses on water safety and swimming strokes which are taught in a fun, informal setting.  Each session also includes about 30 minutes of free play with the ball to develop some basic water polo skills. Program runs from September to May.  New players are welcome throughout the year.

Richcraft pool Mondays, 5:30pm to 6:30pm, season starts on September 25, ~30 practices
Richcraft pool  Fridays, 6pm to 7pm, season starts on September 29, ~30 practices
Pinecrest pool Saturdays, 6pm to 7pm, season starts on October 21, ~25 practices
Francois Dupuis pool Sundays, 6pm to 7pm,  season starts on September 17, ~24 practices

    (30 sessions) - $315 (includes $30.45 OWP fee)
(24 sessions) - $260 (includes $30.45 OWP fee)

What is included: We provide all the water polo equipment (e.g. balls, caps, nets)

For a free trial or to get more info about this program, contact us at: info@titanswaterpolo.ca