Carleton Summer League

The Carleton University Summer Water Polo League is a fun recreational program run by Carleton University and the Titans strongly encourage their members to take advantage of this amazing local water polo opportunity.

Summer Co-Ed Water Polo League (CUSWPL 2017)

Great news, you can now register for the Summer League at the following URL: 

The Titans strongly recommend that our athletes take advantage of this fun and very affordable opportunity. Act soon because with only one Tier this Summer, space will be limited!  Here is some information on this Summer’s League:


The Carleton University Summer Water Polo League (CUSWPL 2017) will run from Tuesday July 4 thru Thursday August 31. This is the 38th CU Summer League (since 1980). There will be one tier or scrimmage group this summer. It will not be a two-tier program as in past summers. Registered players will be divided into groups/teams for scrimmages that will be scheduled on Mon/Weds (6:35-8:00 pm) or Tues/Thurs (6:35-8:00 pm). The plan would be that the up to (72) players will be divided into scrimmage groups and/or teams, and will be scheduled for TWO scrimmages per week ... or (18) scrimmages over the 9-week program.

There will be some (2) short weeks this summer, July 4-5-6 and August 8-9-10, where the pool times will be: Tues (6:35-8:00 pm) / Weds (6:00-8:00 pm) / Thurs (6:35-8:00 pm). During the final week of the summer (August 28-31), all scrimmages will be scheduled from 6:00-7:30 pm.  The weekly scrimmage schedules will depend on registration #'s. There will not be any scrimmages scheduled on Monday August 7 (Civic Holiday).

This is a Co-Ed REC-League, so CUSWPL scrimmages will be fun & recreational. ALL PLAYERS will be expected to share their skills, experience and ‘playing time’, to ensure that everyone enjoys 2-games per week in a FUN, safe and supportive environment.

This summer water polo program is for University players, Varsity Alumni, former Olympians, competitive Club players, Adult Rec League players, experienced Club players (Bantams, Academy players) and experienced House League players. All players must be ‘strong swimmers’. This is NOT a learn to play water polo program.

Please make sure that your email address is correct when you register, as group/team assignments and weekly scrimmage schedules will be sent by email! They will also be posted below.

Registration for the Summer of 2017 Carleton CO-ED Water Polo League opens on Friday, June 23 at 4:30 pm.

Program Code



Start Date

End Date






July 4

August 31

6:35-8:00 pm



Safety first! - please remember to trim your finger and toe-nails before scrimmages and ensure that you remove rings, watches and wristbands before you get into the water.

Please be respectful of scrimmage Referees and all CUSWPL players. This Carleton Summer WP League is and has always been RECREATIONAL. Aggressive play, negative attitudes, foul language and disrespectful conduct towards the referees or other players are not part of our culture here at Carleton. Everyone is here to have fun, play the sport we all love or learn to play a new sport! Let’s all share in a positive summer of water polo at Carleton!